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Have you ever seen a Lib Dem leaflet that didn’t seem quite right?

A claim that didn't ring true? Do you want the real facts?

Here at Lib Dems Unspun, our aim is to provide you with nothing but the facts to the many untrue Lib Dem stories in Kingston. Every article posted on this page will include claims from the Lib Dems followed by the real facts. To help set the record straight, please share these articles so that others may also see the facts.


Debunking the Lib Dems bankruptcy claims

The Lib Dems keep making stories up saying Kingston is bankrupt or heading towards bankruptcy, but this is not true

Recent Lib Dem articles have attempted to mislead voters with fabricated stories that Kingston will end up like Northamptonshire Council who ran into financial difficulties, even though Kingston is not in financial difficulties.

A recent article claimed that, “Conservative councillors at Northamptonshire Council had to impose emergency spending controls and deep cuts after similar poor financial management as Kingston.”

The Leader of the Opposition also commented, “I am worried it will be Kingston’s schools and elderly paying the price for all of this.”

But Lib Dems Unspun can reveal that this is Fake News.

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Conservatives secure extra funding for local schools

Rather than cutting schools budgets, the overall school budget will increase by 7.7%

Last week, the Lib Dems tried to cause chaos with local school funding by delaying a decision on school funding till the end of April. Knowing this was unacceptable local Conservatives voted through measures that will see the schools budget increase by 7.7%.

Now however the Lib Dems are claiming that local Conservatives have voted to take £1million from local schools (which we haven’t). They’ve also claimed that ‘Conservative mismanagement means that the Tories need to recoup their overspend and are raiding money from local schools’ but this simply isn’t true.

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Lib Dems continue scare tactics in Berrylands

Berrylands 2
Once more the Lib Dems have fabricated a story to scare residents

Late last year Lib Dems Unspun revealed to residents that local Lib Dems had been resorting to scare tactics in Berrylands saying that the Conservative run council was going to push ahead with ambitious development plans for luxury housing in Berrylands. At the time we debunked these Lib Dem claims as false and misleading, yet now the Lib Dems have returned to this issue in a bid to worry residents.

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Lib Dems lose the plot over local finances

Local Conservatives have been hard at work improving the local finances and providing residents with value for money

Recent election leaflets circulated by the Lib Dems have claimed that Conservative-run Kingston Council is ‘heading for bankruptcy’, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Parking Permits - the real story

Whilst the Lib Dems were scaremongering local Conservatives got on with the job

Recent Lib Dem posts have attempted to take credit for the Council retaining visitor scratch cards in Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) in a bid to rewrite the history of the new parking permit system.

In a recent post it was claimed that the Tory council was forced to: “back down on the abolition of paper parking visitor scratch cards in the face of a large Lib Dem petition and residents' concerns.”

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Lib Dem homelessness petition deliberately misleading residents

Kingston Lib Dems are misleading residents once again

A recent petition led by Lib Dem Emily Davey has accused the Council of letting the homeless and vulnerable go hungry at Christmas, but all is not as it seems.

On the petition it says:

“Don’t let the homeless and vulnerable go hungry in Norbiton this Christmas...Kingston Council is shutting the hall for two weeks over Christmas, thereby stopping volunteers from feeding and helping the vulnerable over the Christmas period."

But this is not the full picture

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Hard work pays off as Kingston Conservatives get the finances back on track

Bis rates
Rather than heading for bankruptcy we're on course to deliver a balanced budget with an underspend!

Council budget for the year delivered with an underspend

Kingston’s Liberal Democrat Party were left reeling recently as a key report from the Council’s finance team declared that Kingston was on course to achieve a balanced budget despite delivering a council tax freeze and investing in key services.

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Lib Dems play politics with school funding whilst Conservatives get on with the job

Whilst the Lib Dems tried to play politics with school funding, Kingston Conservatives got on with the job

Kingston’s Liberal Democrat party last night attempted to play politics with schools funding despite the time sensitive nature of needing to finalise the outstanding budgetary requirements.

Led by their Leader, Cllr Liz Green, the Lib Dems planned to delay any decision over the future of school funding until the end of April. Not only would this place unnecessary and extreme pressure on the Council’s ability to finalise the outstanding parts of its budget it would also cause chaos for schools who are in the process of setting their own budgets for the next academic year.

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Keeping Kingston Safe: Investing in police and keeping residents safe

Local Conservatives are working hard to keep residents safe

Recent Lib Dem leaflets have stated that Police have been cut and crime is up, arguing that Conservative cuts have ‘slashed the number of police locally’ and stating that ‘it’s not surprising that crimes like home burglaries are rising’. However the statistics presented by the Lib Dems don’t reveal the full picture.

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Conservatives reduce empty homes by up to a third

Empty Homes 2
The number of empty homes has fallen under a Conservative Administration

The number of empty homes across Kingston has significantly fallen since the Lib Dems lost power in 2014 after recent statistics revealed that there are now just under 400 empty homes across the Borough.

It had recently been claimed by Lib Dem’s in election leaflets that Kingston’s Conservative led council had not been using the powers at their disposal well enough to help reduce the number of empty homes from over 400 to provide extra housing. A Lib Dem candidate for Norbiton Ward claimed that,

  At a time when the homelessness crisis is worsening and more people are sleeping out on our streets in the cold, it is a scandal that so many homes locally are sitting empty.

However under a Freedom of Information (FOI) request submitted in January 2012, the then Liberal Democrat Council revealed that there were over 660 empty homes empty across the Borough.

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Lib Dems simply wrong on new go cycle link

The Lib Dems have got it wrong over the new Kingston to Raynes Park Cycle Link

You may have seen recently that the Lib Dems have been making a lot of noise regarding the New Malden to Raynes Park Go Cycle Route. Lib Dems unspun can reveal however that once again there are a number of places where they are simply plain wrong and misleading the public.

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