Kingston Hospital pauses Blue Badge parking charges

Hospital Parking
Kingston Hospital has paused its parking charges for Blue Badge Holders. Please fill in the survey here

Local Conservative Councillors and campaigners have successfully managed to persuade Kingston Hospital to pause and review the unpopular Blue Badge Parking Charges which were imposed back in January.

In a major victory for residents and disabled residents, the charges will no longer be in place from 8am, Thursday 17th May 2018 as the hospital Trust review the parking charges.

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Why the 2018 Local Elections matter

These Local Elections matter. For better services at lower cost vote Conservative on 3 May!

Tomorrow, on 3 May, you will choose who runs Kingston Council. That choice matters.

National issues get most of the press, but your Council arguably has a bigger impact on your quality of life than even Government. Therefore it matters, greatly, who runs Kingston Council.

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Our Pledge to you: Cleaner and Greener

Cleaner and Greener 3
At this election, Kingston Conservatives are pledging to help make Kingston Cleaner and Greener with new plagrounds, more trees and park benches and less litter.

As Conservatives we care deeply about the environment and our green spaces. We believe that our green spaces should be maintained to the highest standards.

We also know that we have a responsibility to care and for and protect our environment and since being elected in 2014 we have done just that. Contrary to the claims of opposition parties we have protected the green belt from development helping to ensure that this natural barrier which enriches our great borough isn’t harmed.

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Our Pledge to you: Tackling Crime

Tackling Crime 3
At this election, Kingston Conservatives are pledging to do more to tackle crime by investing in crime prevention and supporting our community police

Here in Kingston we want residents to be safe and feel safe in their own homes and when they move about the Borough. We know that there are concerns relating to crime and we are keen to do our part by working closely with the local police and Safer Neighbourhood Teams to keep residents safe.

Whilst there has been a rising concern about the number of burglaries across the Borough, Kingston remains the safest Borough in London and has been for the last two years. It is also the case that the Council has a changing role in the way that it provides services to the people of the Borough.

At this election, we are therefore pledging that if elected we will Tackle Crime and help keep residents safe.

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Lib Dem manifesto would lead to higher taxes for residents

Kingston Aerial
The last time the Lib Dems ran the Council residents were plagued by inaction and indecisiveness leaving residents to bear the brunt of their actions

Manifesto lacks vision and detail and would lead to hard working residents paying more

Kingston’s Liberal Democrat party released their manifesto to residents recently but already senior figures have commented that the only way to fund what they want to get done would be to raise taxes on hard working residents.

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Our Pledge to you: Keeping you healthy

Keeping Healthy 3
At this election Kingston Conservatives are pledging to do more to help keep you healthy with better leisure facilities, cleaner air and more care homes

With the growth of housing and people in both Kingston and London we need to ensure we do as much as we can to preserve the culture and quality of life that makes Kingston such a great place to live and work.

We have made great strides in the past four years in investing in our parks, playgrounds, planting more trees and increasing our recycling rates but there is still a a great deal more that can be done to help residents stay healthy and lead healthier lifestyles. That is why at this election, Kingston Conservatives are pledging to do more to keep you healthy.

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Our Pledge to you: Safer Roads and Pavements

Safer roads 3
At this election Kingston Conservatives are pledging to do more to help make our roads safer by filling potholes, replacing pavements and cutting the cost of parking

In 2012 our roads and pavements were a mess. Many had been neglected by the previous Lib dem administration which had failed to keep on top of the job meaning that a backlog of repairs built up. Residents were therefore made to suffer with unsafe pavements and roads. 

Knowing this wasn’t good enough Kingston Conservatives pledged to invest £1 million into the Borough’s roads, and actually delivered an extra £1.5million into our roads. This made an immediate difference with roads up and down the borough being repaired. Once more we made a promise to residents and we delivered on it.

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Our Pledge to you: Lower Cost

Lower cost 23
At this election, Kingston Conservatives are pledging to deliver lower costs for you and your families by keeping taxes down and providing discounts for residents

As Conservatives we believe that residents should be able to keep more of their hard earned money and that by doing so they will make the decisions that are best for them. This year alone we have frozen council tax helping to give hard working families a break.

But at this election we want to do more to support residents throughout Kingston. We know council tax is high and that household budgets are feeling the pressure, and it is at this time that we want to give something back to our residents.

That is why at this election we are pledging to deliver lower costs for residents.

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Kingston Conservatives record of Delivery: Parks and Playgrounds

Parks and Pavements
We invested money into our parks and pavements when others would not

Our parks are loved and well used by many families right across the Borough. They are the places where memories are created, from the first ride on the slide to taking that first go on the monkey bars.

We care deeply about our parks and believe that all children should have access to high quality parks and open spaces, and this is what we’ve delivered with money being directly invested into these valuable spaces.

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Good news for the Schools Budget and Education

Local Conservatives have been working hard to constantly improve schools across Kingston. 

Since 2013/14 there has been a growing deficit on the education budget in Kingston. To understand what this means requires an understanding of how the schools budget works which I have tried to simplify below. We inherited this position and very quickly we were in contact with Government Ministers to try and understand what could be done. Putting aside General elections and changes of Secretary of State we have been applying constant pressure to the Government to help understand what the issues are.

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