Secrecy leads to call for independent inquiry into Kingston Council Covid-19 response

Conservative councillors have called for an independent inquiry into Kingston Council’s Covid-19 response, as a culture of secrecy has prevented scrutiny and limited learning from best practice.

The written request to the LibDem leader of the Council asks that an inquiry takes place towards the end of the year, so as not to hinder the important work currently being carried out by council officers.

Councillor Kevin Davis, Leader of the Conservative opposition, said:  “Council frontline workers have been doing sterling work helping out many local residents during this Covid-19 epidemic. However, the inexperienced new LibDem Council Leader has overseen a culture of secrecy that has limited scrutiny and the chance of learning and improving services.

“Councillors and residents have been kept in the dark, with a lack of information and metrics from the Council on its performance during this epidemic. Kingston Council has received many millions of pounds extra from the Government, yet there is little understanding of the outputs from that funding. 

“Information on the performance of important services like care homes hasn’t been made readily available, yet many other Councils have been much more proactive and open. By contrast, the hospital has been sending regular bulletins to their Governors containing metrics on overall patient numbers, patients with COVID, numbers of deaths etc.

“Kingston Council’s secrecy during this testing time means that an inquiry later in the year is desperately needed. It will allow proper scrutiny of council services and how the money has been spent. We don’t know why the Council has been so secretive up until now, but hopefully the Council Leader will now have a change of heart.”

Copy of the full email sent to the Leader of Kingston Council below.