Local Plan Consultation: Kingston’s Conservative councillors oppose plans to build on local green spaces

Kingston’s Conservative councillors have responded to the Local Plan consultation with a recommendation to protect threatened green spaces, and highlight the need for more investment. 

The detailed response to the controversial LibDem consultation , which ended on 31st July, promotes the protection of Green Belt /Metropolitan Open Land, as well as addressing the need to build more affordable homes and provide the necessary infrastructure.

The Conservative response included:

  • Robustly defending areas of Green Belt or Metropolitan Open Land (MOL),
  • Highlighting the undesirability of such a large ‘Opportunity Area’ that covers Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land, including two golf courses,
  • Giving consideration to supporting more ‘Mansion Block’ homes in order to restrict the need for tall towers,
  • A need for more investment in public transport, health, schools and social infrastructure to service the growing number of Kingston residents,
  • A requirement to be much more ambitious in providing facilities for electric vehicles in order to help tackle air quality issues and climate change,
  • Delivering more Council owned homes, ensuring Right To Buy homes are replaced,
  • Supporting mixed communities with a mixture of housing types, but prioritising more social-rented housing as affordable housing provided by developers,

Councillor Kevin Davis, Conservative Group Leader, said:  “The Local Plan consultation has been poor so far, but we welcome the chance to comment on the draft Local Plan. It’s vital that the consultation fully engages with local residents, as the final version of the Local Plan will guide future development in the borough. The LibDem-run Council is planning the largest growth targets this Borough has ever seen but if it wants to achieve these targets then it also needs to do more to convince residents, defend our green spaces, provide more affordable housing and ensure there are infrastructure and services to cope with what many residents will believe is a very ambitious agenda.”

You can download a copy of the Conservative response to the Early Engagement on the Local Plan here.