LibDems at War!

Council Leader ousted as political ambitions put above the wellbeing of Kingston’s residents

Kingston’s LibDem Council Leader has been ousted in an internal political coup. The years of political infighting amongst the LibDem group of councillors has finally come to a head, with Cllr Liz Green booted out in a secret meeting. Cllr Caroline Kerr has seized control in a reckless political coup.

Cllr Kevin Davis, the Conservative Leader of the Opposition said:  “This is a disturbing time to change leadership. The borough and the nation needs leaders who know what they are doing.  Having a new Borough leader who has proven to be somewhat lacking in sound judgement is unfortunate. It seems bizarre that the LibDems are now so chaotic that they think having a leadership election now is a good idea.

“I want to pay tribute to Liz Green. Whilst she and I are not going to agree about the current direction of the Council, Liz took over the Lib Dems seven years ago during a traumatic time for them. She led them with skill and it must be relentless managing such a large LibDem group. Only another leader knows how difficult it is to run a political group and I know Liz will be aware that in politics this is not always the end, but maybe just an enforced sabbatical.”

Cllr Ian George, Conservative spokesman for Resident Engagement, said:  “I am not surprised that there is unrest amongst the LibDem councillors, as the policies they’ve pushed thorough are proving to be disastrous. However, the new Leader is complicit as she has voted through those same policies. 

“The LibDems have stopped listening to residents and their new consultation policies are an attack on democracy. Now we have a new inexperienced Leader who can not be held to account, as council meetings have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. These are worrying times and it’s shocking that LibDem councillors are putting internal politics and personal ambition above the health and wellbeing of Kingston’s residents.”