LibDem incompetence shouldn’t stop a ‘Yes’ vote in the Cambridge Road Estate ballot

You may not be aware of the current campaigning for the Yes/No ballot on whether the Cambridge Road Estate should be regenerated or not. The regeneration proposed would see the current buildings demolished and replaced with new homes (private, affordable and social rent), new community facilities and big improvements to the public realm. 

Kingston’s Conservatives believe that the proposed regeneration will be beneficial for all local residents. It’s our opinion that only a complete regeneration of the estate will provide the high-quality housing and surroundings that the current CRE residents, and those who are on the Council housing waiting list, deserve.

If you are directly affected by these proposals you will already have seen lots of information from Kingston Council. You can see more detail at:

However, as well as information from LibDem-run Kingston Council, residents have also been receiving separate information directly from the LibDems. This Liberal Democrat literature is controversial and has recently been in the press with a headline of Lib Dems slammed over ‘phoney letters’ telling Kingston residents to vote to demolish their homes’. You can read the full article here:

We believe that the LibDems are putting a ‘Yes’ vote at risk by their seemingly underhand campaigning tactics. The letter mentioned in the above article doesn’t make it clear that it’s from the LibDems, and as they control Kingston Council, it could easily be read as a threat to residents that their current homes will not be maintained in the event of a ‘No’ vote. Kingston’s LibDems are risking losing the trust of residents on the Cambridge Road Estate, which could prove fatal for any hope of a positive outcome.

A second leaflet from the LibDems has recently been delivered. Again, it seems to shy away from being clear about who it’s from – unless you read the back page thoroughly. So why are the LibDems, who run Kingston Council, putting out separate messages under their own name? Could it be that Council Officers aren’t happy to put their names to these particular messages? Residents deserve answers. 

Cllr Ian George, Conservative Opposition Spokesperson for Engagement, said:  “The LibDems are making a mess of the messaging surrounding the ballot, and really should think twice about putting out any further misleading political literature. The benefits that a ‘Yes’ vote will deliver are too important for the LibDems to play political games with.”

Cllr Kevin Davis, Conservative Opposition Group Leader, said: “It is now nearly five and a half years since the CRE regeneration project started and yet we are a long way from residents moving into high-quality homes. The time to do something is now upon us and I hope that the residents make a decision based on what they know is right, not whatever misinformation or disinformation is put about by those who would wish to impoverish our residents further.

We need a ‘Yes’ vote to prove Kingston cares about its residents and the time for that vote is upon us.”