Lib Dems Toby Jug Shame

On Wednesday the Lib Dems approved a 950 home planning application on the old Toby Jug site in Tolworth. This is despite running a campaign against a smaller 705 home site before the election.

Even by the normal standards of Lib Dem hypocrisy this is bad.

Before the election Lib Dem Cllr Dunstone, now Vice-Chair of the planning committee said on the Lib Dem campaign website:

Only the Liberal Democrats have continued to oppose these plans and only the Liberal Democrats can change the council so it listens to the people not property developers.

On Wednesday Lib Dems voted through the planning application.

When he was asking for your vote Lib Dem Cllr Dennis Goodship said:

The fight goes on, Liberal Democrats want to build homes that local families can truly afford and put an end to Tory plans to build luxury tower blocks, lining the pockets of developers.

At the planning meeting his only concern was whether the roads would have enough space for pedestrians to cross. Those ‘luxury tower blocks’ are going to be built after all.

The Conservatives had previously won concessions from the developer, increasing the number of affordable homes on the Toby Jug site from 13% to 30%. The new Lib Dem council approved the scheme without any further gains.