Kingston’s ‘Rotten’ LibDems win a national award for wasting Council Tax

Private Eye magazine has awarded LibDem-run Kingston Council a Rotten Borough 2019 award for wasting money. The annual Rotten Borough awards highlight poorly run Councils throughout the country.

This year Kingston’s LibDems were awarded the title for ‘Payoffs of the Year’ for splashing out £2.4million in payoffs in just one year. This included a whopping £316,000 for the former Chief Executive and other sky-high ‘golden-goodbyes’.

Cllr Kevin Davis, Leader of the Conservative opposition, said: “It’s no surprise that Kingston Council has been singled out for the huge amounts the LibDems have wasted last year. Kingston’s Council Tax payers deserve better than to see their hard-earned cash wasted. It’s no wonder they hiked up Council Tax last year if they are frittering money away like this and I guess they will be doing it again this year to cover their huge waste.”