Kingston’s LibDems Cut Youth and Library Services

Kingston’s LibDem-run Council has targeted cuts on valued services for local children and Libraries. A Kingston Council report for the Community & Engagement Committee has highlighted a big drop in Library visits, which resulted from cuts to Library staff and additional activities.

A recent Council report, has stated that the Library service is in a ‘transition phase’. However, visits to Libraries have fallen dramatically as a result of the latest changes and staff cuts.  Kingston’s Libraries have seen a decrease of 5,000 visits in the last three months. 

Councillor Ian George, the Conservative spokesman for Engagement & Continuous Learning, said:  

“It’s very concerning to see the number of visits to local Libraries fall so dramatically as a result of the reduced services offered. Many of these ‘additional activities’ that have been cut are for children and young adults, so they will feel the negative impact of the cuts the most.”

“I am very suspicious about the Council’s future plans, as they seem to be deliberately reducing the number of visitors, at the same time as discussing moving services away from traditional Library buildings. I think that it is vitally important to preserve and even improve our Library buildings, which provide a much needed community service for local residents of all ages.”