Kingston’s Crime and Antisocial Behaviour concerns reach record highs after LibDem Police cuts

Record numbers of Kingston residents have voiced their concern about crime and antisocial behaviour following a cut to Police numbers by LibDem-run Kingston Council last year.

Kingston Council’s annual survey results have identified an alarming spike in the crime concerns of local residents, when compared to previous years.

This heightened concern by residents comes just a year after the LibDem-run Council cancelled the 12 extra Police Officers, previously funded by the Conservative Council in conjunction with the London Mayor.

The annual Council survey asked residents how much of a problem Crime and Antisocial Behaviour issues were, and the results were staggering. The percentage of respondents who thought that the following issues were a very big or fairly big problem in their local area is as follows:

  • Concerns over drug dealing and usage increased from 19% to 30%.
  • Concern about groups hanging around on the streets increased from 15% to 27%.
  • Vandalism, graffiti, property/vehicle damage concerns increased from 18% to 23%.
  • Concern about people being drunk or rowdy in public places increased from 13% to 24%.
  • Responses to another question on the same survey identified that the top three crime related concerns for Kingston were Burglary (28%), Antisocial Behaviour (25%) and Drug Misuse (19%).

Councillor Ian George, Conservative spokesman for Resident Engagement said:​ “I’m not surprised that Kingston residents are increasingly concerned about crime and antisocial behaviour issues, following the cut to Police numbers by the LibDem-run council. The cuts saw 12 Police Officers go, despite there being no mention of the policy in the LibDem election manifesto.

“The new Prime Minister has announced the recruitment of 20,000 new Police officers nationally. This is a welcome development, which will no doubt benefit the Royal Borough of Kingston in the future.”