Kingston’s £32million cycle lanes being mis-managed by LibDems 

Kingston’s £32million cycle lane project is not being effectively spent, resulting in some lanes being obstructed and confusing for cyclists. On top of this, some of the works are being carried out in a haphazard and confusing manner, causing traffic delays for all road users over a very long period of time.

Surbiton cycle lane blocked by electrical cabinet and parked car

Cllr David Cunningham, Conservative Opposition Spokesperson for Environment & Sustainable Transport, said: “I think there is general support for cycle lanes where there is plenty of space and if they make sense. However, too many are being built with obstructions on them, with the wrong right-of-way or are so confusing and slow that cyclists are choosing not to use them. It’s a terrible waste of money and a missed opportunity to substantially increase the number of cyclists locally. 

Cycle Lane to nowhere in Penrhyn Road

Cllr Kevin Davis, Conservative Opposition Leader, said:  “We have instances of cycle lanes being blocked by phone boxes, electrical cabinets, car parking spaces, bus stops and more. It’s bonkers and just highlights how the LibDems have been mismanaging the contractors and taxpayer’s money.”

The cycle lane along Kingston Hill and Kingston Vale is still incomplete after more than a year of working on it. Roadworks still prevent the full cycle lane from being opened, with some of the completed stretches being left with ongoing problems such as large pools of standing water. One stretch outside the Kingston Lodge Hotel, where cyclists coming down the hill cycle on the path by a bus stop has been deemed dangerous by Kingston Council’s own engineers, so now carries red warning signs.

Cycle Lane in Surbiton Road with lamppost and busy bus shelter

Cllr Ian George, a Conservative councillor for Coombe Hill ward, said:  “Local residents are frustrated that the work on the cycle lane along Kingston Hill and Kingston Vale is being carried out so haphazardly, and is taking so long. Random parts of the road have been left unfinished, or have problems with the supposed completed work. It’s been well over a year now, and there are still problems, dangerous areas and ongoing roadworks. It’s not good enough, all road users deserve better.”

Kingston Hill Cycle Lane so dangerous it has warning signs

Kingston Hill/Vale cycle lane with standing water, unfinished after more than a year