Kingston LibDems splash another £2.4million on secretive Council pay-offs

Kingston’s LibDem-run Council has paid out another £2,411,000 of Council Tax payers’ money on large pay-offs for Council employees, in the 2018/2019 financial year.

The staggeringly high ‘golden goodbye’ payments were identified in a recently released Statement of Accounts. The accounts identified a few eye-wateringly high amounts that will have hard-pressed Kingston Council Tax payers’ fuming. 

There was one payment of £316,000, one of £160,000 and four more sharing a payment of £529,000. Another five received £442,000 between them. All of the payments are of a secret nature, with no details being given as to the reasons behind the payments.

Councillor Rowena Bass, the Conservative spokesperson for Finance said:  “It really is staggering to discover that Kingston’s LibDem-run Council has spent so much money on massive pay-offs in just a single year. It is hardly surprising that they had to implement a recent 5% Council Tax hike to pay off staff they want to lose. Many local residents will be incensed that their hard-earned money is being used in this way.