Kingston LibDems propose Bin Charges, a Tip Tax and cuts to Recycling Services

LibDem-run Kingston Council are to impose cuts to the recycling and waste services provided to local residents, at the same time as introducing new charges for recycling bins and for taking DIY waste to Kingston’s Recycling Centre.

The same Kingston Council budget that increased Council Tax by 4%, will also see cuts to basic Council services such as the recycling collection service and reducing the opening hours of the Recycling Centre. 

Kingston recycling centre

A summary of the service cuts and increased charges are:

  • Reducing the opening hours of the Recycling Centre by two hours in the Winter and one hour in the Summer. 
  • Introducing charges for new recycling and waste containers. The current waste bins will be replaced with smaller capacity bins.
  • Residents taking their own DIY waste to the Recycling Centre will be charged a fee to use the site.
  • New rules will be introduced so that residents will have to leave the recycling and waste bins on the pavement for collection and remove them once emptied. The Council has admitted that this will have a negative effect on older and disabled residents.

Cllr David Cunningham, the Conservative Opposition Spokesman for the Environment, said:  “Local Council Taxpayers will be left fuming that this most basic of Council service is being cut at the same time as increasing the Council Tax by 4% yet again. The outcome of these changes will be poorer service, higher charges for residents, less recycling and increased fly-tipping across the borough.”

Cllr Kevin Davis, the Conservative Opposition Leader, said:  “As usual this will hit the poorest the hardest by introducing charges for recycling bins and for the disposal of DIY waste. Council Taxpayers should be able to use the Recycling Centre when they need to. The reduction in opening hours for the Recycling Centre will be inconvenient and will increase traffic queues.”