Kingston Council receives £25million government bailout following LibDem education failure

Kingston’s LibDem-run Council has received an emergency government bailout to cover its mismanagement of the Special Educational Needs budget.

This latest extra funding from the Conservative government is needed to save the service that supports local children with special educational needs, that has been put at risk by LibDem councillors.

The new government funding agreement will be implemented over the next 5 years. It will enable local children and young people with special educational needs to receive the support they require to attend mainstream schools or one of the expanded special school places.

Cllr Maria Netley, the Conservative Opposition Education Spokesperson, said:  “This is great news for Kingston’s parents and children. The new funding deal is welcome support from the Conservative government and will ensure Kingston’s children will receive the support they need, whatever their educational needs. However, if the LibDem-run Council continue with their mismanagement of the Special Educational Needs budget, all our local services could suffer with the Council raiding other budgets to pay for their mistakes.”

Cllr Kevin Davis, the Conservative Opposition Group Leader, said:  “Kingston’s LibDem councillors have been negligent in their running of the education budget. We all suffer from LibDem mismanagement, as is demonstrated by yet another Council Tax hike and recent service cuts.”

The Conservative Government has been extremely generous to Kingston with grants and support throughout this year, which included over £30million to support local services, charities and residents throughout the Covid pandemic.