Kingston Council abandons public consultation for road changes and closures

Kingston Council has taken the decision to force through major changes to the roads and cycleways of Kingston without any consultation.

The changes are being funded to provide improvements to the public realm, and encourage more people to use public transport, walk and cycle. However, despite having known about the changes for many months Kingston Council have refused to consult local residents about the proposed road changes and closures. 

Many residents have expressed their anger at the lack of consultation and questioned whether some of the planned changes will cause more traffic congestion and air pollution. The changes are being imposed by LibDem-run Kingston Council for a minimum of six months, with the intention of making many of the highways schemes permanent.

Cllr David Cunningham, Conservative spokesman for the Environment & Sustainable Transport, said:  “The laudable aims of less traffic on residential roads and encouraging more people to walk and cycle are being put at risk by ignoring the views of local residents. There has been plenty of time to hold public consultation, which would have allowed the Council to learn from the knowledge of residents who live locally and use the local road network on a daily basis.”

Cllr Ian George, Conservative spokesman for Engagement, said:  “This is a very worrying development by the LibDem-run Council. They have moved from carrying out poor quality consultation to fake-consultation where they take no notice of the outcome, and now they aren’t even consulting Kingston residents at all. It’s insulting to local residents who pay the highest Council Tax in London, and will result in poorer outcomes for all. Kingston deserves better.”