Kingston Conservatives welcome Government Covid support being spent on Free School Meals

The Government announced yesterday that Kingston is to receive an additional £1.8m additional pandemic funding to add to the £11m they have already received. It would take just a small proportion of this funding to be spent by the Council to ensure no child goes without a meal over the holiday period.

Cllr Kevin Davis, Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

“Government has responded magnificently to the Covid crisis providing support where it is needed beyond what anyone thought possible a year ago. The Council has now received over £11m of funding to support the vulnerable, on top of the tens of millions of pounds of support to preserve jobs in Kingston. ”

Cllr Maria Netley, the Opposition Spokesperson on Children’s Services, said:

“In reality, the issue is a local one and I know a  number of Conservative London Boroughs who have taken the decision to step in and use the pandemic funding to increase support for Free School Meals. We are all in this together and where Government cannot act then Councils should step in. I am pleased that, for once, Kingston Council has seen sense and will not neglect the poorest Kingston children by ensuring a small amount of Government money supplies Free School Meals over the holidays.”