Government Covid-19 funding for Kingston rises to £9.8 Million

The Conservative government has announced a £1,257,185 increase in the Covid-19 funding for Kingston’s local services. This takes the additional funding for Kingston to £9,777,839.

This additional support forms part of a comprehensive package of Government support to help councils respond to the pandemic, including an unprecedented new scheme to help councils recover lost income. The money will be used to pay for local services provided by Kingston Council and to support our local charities.

This latest cash boost for local services in Kingston is part of a £500 million package of additional support. The extra £500 million brings the total support for councils to £4.3 billion. It will ensure councils in England can continue to deliver crucial frontline services, support those most in need and continue delivering for residents.

Cllr Kevin Davis, the Leader of the Conservative group in Kingston, said:  “Here in Kingston many local residents and charities have worked well with council staff, playing a vital role in coordinating the local response to Coronavirus. Our Conservative government is once again stepping up to the mark in order to protect local services and ensure councils come through this difficult period with stable finances. This additional £1,250,000 shows they’ve continued to listen to local concerns and will protect local services in the Royal Borough of Kingston on which we all rely.”