Get Involved

If you usually vote Conservative, why not get involved?

Help us fight to win back the Council and help Conservatives stay in Government. If you would like to make contact with like-minded people and support your representatives, why not join your local Conservative Association?

Members play a very active and important role in the Party. For just £25 a year, or £5 a year if you’re under 23, you get:

  • regular invitations to events
  • invited to Party Conferences
  • to vote in Party Leadership elections
  • to vote in the candidate selection process for Councillors, MPs and MEPs
  • to join the local ward team.

Click here to join the Conservative Party today.

You can still get involved without joining the party, we always need help from volunteers for a wide range of tasks, from leafleting and knocking on doors, to helping in the office and making phone calls from home.

We rely on volunteers and donations to keep the local party going, so please visit the contact us page and get in touch.

You can contact your local Conservative Association direct, or join via