Democracy Destroyed by Kingston Lib Dems

LibDems force through new rules to restrict public scrutiny of Kingston Council

LibDem-run Kingston Council has forced through draconian new rules that will restrict future public scrutiny of Kingston Council. 

The controversial new rules were forced through at a Council meeting on Tuesday 15 October, against the wishes of a packed public gallery and the Green and Conservative Councillors.

The stormy meeting even saw several LibDem activists speak against the proposals by the LibDem councillors.

The new constitution makes it more difficult for residents to get involved with decision making and puts restrictive demands on the size of petitions that will prevent Kingston residents from having a say.

Councillor Ian George, the Conservative spokesman for Resident Engagement, said:  “These new rules, forced through by the LibDems, will make it more difficult for Kingston residents to hold councillors to account and to get involved in Council decision making. It’s an attack on democracy in order to protect themselves from public criticism. They didn’t even consult on the changes, which sets a very worrying precedent.”

Cllr Kevin Davis, the Conservative Group Leader, said:  “Kingston’s LibDem Councillors seem to have let the power go to their heads. The Council Leader is acting like Trump, and will not accept any questioning or criticism at all. It’s a frightening attack on local democracy.”