Council tip stays shut whilst fly-tipping increases

LibDem-run Kingston Council has no plans to re-open Kingston Recycling Centre, despite demanding the opening of Garden Centres

Kingston’s LibDems have advised that they are not planning to re-open the Council tip located off of Villiers Road, following an increase in fly-tipping around the borough. However, perversely the LibDems are demanding the opening of Garden Centres and Council tips based in nearby Surrey.

The government is still asking people to stay at home as much as possible, and generally (with some exceptions) Kingston residents have been observing this well. The local Conservatives believe that the LibDem-run Council should be putting plans into place so that the Recycling Centre can be one of the first Council services to re-open safely. 

Cllr Rowena Bass, Conservative Deputy Group Leader, said: “I am concerned about the increase in fly-tipping across Kingston Borough and have heard from many residents who would greatly value the tip reopening as soon as possible. This would, of course, be with provisions for recommended social distancing for staff and the public, such as queuing and limiting the number of residents on-site at any one time. However, if supermarkets and B&Q can manage to open safely then surely Kingston Council’s tip should too?”

Cllr Ian George, Conservative Spokesman for Engagement, said: “On the face of it, the recycling centre does seem to be a service that could restart safely with relatively few changes. Perhaps with cars parked further away from each other and breaks to allow staff to clean up on their own. There is a big backlog to clear, and social distancing may mean that each visit will take longer than it used to. When it does reopen, Kingston Council should extend the opening hours and cancel their recent cuts to the recycling service.”