Conservative members of Kingston Council boycott politically hijacked “State of the Borough” debate

The State of the Borough debate is an annual opportunity for residents to discuss the direction and vision of the council and allow Councillors to listen to members of the public, community organisations and businesses and engage with them on issues within the local authorities realm of control.

Kingston’s Conservative councillors are boycotting the State of the Borough debate on the issue of Brexit and the EU as it is not an issue that the council has influence over. Conservative councillors are calling on the LibDem-run council to concentrate on the local issues that Councillors were elected for, rather than tabling highly partisan and divisive debates. Instead of attending the State of the Borough meeting, Conservative councillors have vowed to spend time organising local litter picks to clean up Kingston’s streets.

Cllr Kevin Davis said:

“A Local Council should not be spending time discussing things it can do nothing about. Yes, it is an important national issue, but it is a subject over which a LibDem-run Council has no influence with the Government. We would have been happy to take part in the meeting if it were simply to prepare council services for life after Brexit, but instead valuable money and time are being wasted on meetings to discuss national and international politics and sow community division. That wasted money and time would be better spent on fixing potholes, cleaning the streets and providing improved services for schools and the elderly.”

Cllr Davis continued:

“This debate will shed no light on any Council matters so instead Conservative Councillors will do something useful for the community and spend our time picking up litter, as we know residents consider litter rather more important than paid Councillors engaging in school sixth form debates.“