Lib Dem manifesto would lead to higher taxes for residents

Kingston Aerial
The last time the Lib Dems ran the Council residents were plagued by inaction and indecisiveness leaving residents to bear the brunt of their actions

Manifesto lacks vision and detail and would lead to hard working residents paying more

Kingston’s Liberal Democrat party released their manifesto to residents recently but already senior figures have commented that the only way to fund what they want to get done would be to raise taxes on hard working residents.

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Kingston Conservatives record of Delivery: Parks and Playgrounds

Parks and Pavements
We invested money into our parks and pavements when others would not

Our parks are loved and well used by many families right across the Borough. They are the places where memories are created, from the first ride on the slide to taking that first go on the monkey bars.

We care deeply about our parks and believe that all children should have access to high quality parks and open spaces, and this is what we’ve delivered with money being directly invested into these valuable spaces.

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Good news for the Schools Budget and Education

Local Conservatives have been working hard to constantly improve schools across Kingston. 

Since 2013/14 there has been a growing deficit on the education budget in Kingston. To understand what this means requires an understanding of how the schools budget works which I have tried to simplify below. We inherited this position and very quickly we were in contact with Government Ministers to try and understand what could be done. Putting aside General elections and changes of Secretary of State we have been applying constant pressure to the Government to help understand what the issues are.

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Kingston Conservatives record of Delivery: Pavements

We've invested in our pavements helping to keep residents safe and Kingston moving

When we took control of the Council in 2014, pavements up and down the Borough were a mess. Little to no extra investment had been delivered into them meaning that many were unsafe and residents were forced to walk in the road to get to their destination.

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Kingston Conservatives record of Delivery: Care Services

Since 2014 we've worked hard to improve care services across Kingston and we have delivered

From day one in 2014, Kingston Conservatives have been working hard to improve care services across the Borough. From children’s care to elderly care we made big promises and we have delivered with better standards of care now than under the previous Lib Dem administration.

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We're freezing Council Tax because its the right thing to do

With residents under big financial pressures it is right to freeze council tax

“There’s an election coming”. This was the view of our opposition when we announced we were freezing Council Tax this year – no addition for Adult Social Care as well. Of course our opposition get no credit for stating “the bloomin’ obvious” – there is indeed an election coming. But the reasons for doing what we have done are a bit beyond headline grabbing: we fundamentally think this is now the right thing to do.

We all know household budgets are under pressure and Council Tax has been a growing part of those budgets. In Kingston the last Lib Dem administration gave us the highest Council Tax in London, so we are very keen to give something back to residents and to help support them when other areas of their budgets are under extreme pressure. Kingston is a wealthy part of London so even I have been surprised at the sudden and rising concern that taxes have become for many people.

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Kingston Conservatives record of Delivery: Roads

We pledged to invest more money into our roads to keep Kingston moving and we have delivered

When we took control of the Council in 2014, roads up and down the Borough were a mess. Little to no extra investment had been delivered into them meaning that many were unsafe and potholes were everywhere.

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Kingston Conservatives record of Delivery: Schools

Grove new school
We're working hard to improve schools across the Borough, helping to give children the best start possible in life

Since being elected in 2014 we have worked hard to improve Kingston’s schools, helping to provide some of the best schools in the country and giving children the best possible start in life.

But it wasn’t always this way and it is only through hard work that we’re now in a position where we have more good and outstanding schools than previously.

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Kingston Conservatives record of Delivery: Recycling rates

Recycling rates soar
We pledged to improve our recycling rates and we have delivered

As Conservatives we care deeply about the environment. We want to protect it as much as possible so that we have a Borough fit enough to pass onto our children and grandchildren when we’re gone. One of the ways in which we’re doing this is through recycling more and sending less to landfill sites.

Since being elected in 2014, Kingston Conservatives have made it their commitment to improve the Borough’s recycling rates by improving recycling collections and encouraging higher numbers of residents to recycle.

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A Better budget: A more efficient council and better local services

Local Conservatives have been able to deliver a council tax freeze despite decreasing resources from central government

Residents across Kingston will see their council tax frozen for the next financial year after kingston Conservatives passed their budget at this year’s Budget Council meeting.

Ever since Kingston has existed as a borough, it has been reliant on a government grant to fund its services, as is the case in most boroughs. Yet despite warning signs that this was rapidly decreasing, previous administrations failed to act and used council tax increases to plug the gaps.

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